What it's like to work with us

GSA Contract Holder:

DUNS 065677295


We’re a small team of makers focused on building just a few high quality products each year. Unlike most agencies, our process is lean and nimble, optimized for shipping high grade work quickly, with precision.

The best results stem from a diversity of perspectives and a tight feedback loop. We carefully pair the right people with the right project, and connect clients with creatives to ensure projects are realized to the highest degree.

GSA Contract Holder:

DUNS 065677295


Our capabilities


We can bring your product to life. We’ve worked with React, Redux, Typescript, Elixir Phoenix, Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, and so much more. We thrive in any platform: web, iOS, Android, desktop, embedded firmware, you name it.


We’ll design the experience so that it bolsters the goals of your business and user. We’ll model your functional domain, craft your design system, architect your product’s user flows, and apply your brand to the experience.


In collaboration with your stakeholders, we'll identify the most valuable user problems, so that we're sure we're building the right thing, and ensure our design & development phases are executed with precision.

Staff Augmentation

Debating on which platform to go with. Hiring your first in-house development team. We can serve as a CTO, strategic partner or extra muscle on the most challenging technical problems.

How we can help

Web Design & Development

You need to launch a website. We design and develop it end-to-end so that it’s fast, functional, and beautiful.

Architect an MVP

You need to launch a minimum viable product. We help you figure out what to make and how to make it, from product strategy, user experience, to platform and system architecture.

App Design & Development

Your users want a snappy, connected experience in their pockets. We'll design and deploy your iOS and Android apps, and setup the push notifications and realtime connections your users have come to expect.

Digital Consulting & Strategy

You seek guidance on replatforming your current technology or improving your user experience. We'll give you the tools to do it without us, and set you up for success!

We strive to build thoughtful, human-centric products through an open and transparent approach to timelines and estimates.

We're friendly, communicative and hospitable, as it's our best relationships that produce the most meaningful work.

If you'd like to chat more, please email us at hello@sanctuary.computer