Roti — Online Ordering

A best in class online ordering experience.

Tech Stack:

  • React
  • Redux
  • Brandibble

Strategy & Design:

  • Product Discovery
  • UI/UX

Sanctuary helped Rōti in creating a best in class ordering system and design experience that helped show off their food and entice new customers to their brand of Mediterranean cuisine.

Project Overview:

  1. 1.

    We conducted product strategy and discovery to position Rōti as a successful market competitor in online ordering.

  2. 2.

    Designed a unique brand experience and unique ordering model that gave users many paths to exploring the Rōti menu.

  3. 3.

    Used technology that integrated with their ordering system to create a seamless hand off to their team.

Immersive, appetizing visuals from the kitchen

Rōti’s digital product is contingent on its general philosophy and brand. We leveraged the feeling of being in the physical space by infusing the digital experience with mouthwatering visuals of the food production process throughout the platform. Translating the Rōti into an appetizing ordering experience also required the creation of different components, typography, color, and iconography based on their current brand.

Multiple ways to explore the menu

We crafted three separate ways that allow users to explore Rōti’s menu at their own pace, offering subtle or direct guidance at every turn. Our interaction model included three major product features: pre-configured signature dishes, building a custom dish, and a Rōti recommendation system that integrated with a flavor taxonomy.

Technology that enhanced all aspects of the business

To ensure Rōti’s success, we implemented a variety of technologies for restaurant logistics as well as implemented technology for analytics services. We also upgraded their previous account platform for a more robust user experience both for staff and customers while also maintaining loyalty status. This way Rōti was able to ensure their rewards system was intact while the multi-account system upgrade was developed.

While the post-launch performance metrics for Rōti are confidential, we are proud to say that the system paid for itself within 3 - 6 months due to the increased conversation activity on the new site.